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Ambitious of making your mark in the Hospitality Industry with small investments?
You've reached the right place. Share your vision with us here and we will help you Invest Wisely.


What do you mean by Invest Wisely?

The Hospitality business is primarily a desire led, lifestyle business that is capital intensive with a longer gestation period. However, in today’s fiercely competitive scenario it is increasingly important to ensure that a fine balance is maintained between ambition and financial viability. Hence the term ‘Invest Wisely’. Your time, investments and return on capital (ROCE) are critical components to fulfilling your latent ambitions and we at KUE Management Services assist you with the ‘cue’ to direct your investments and time.

Is the Bungalow model same as home stays/home sharing/aggregators?

The Bungalows are not home stays/aggregators. They are branded full service accommodation properties that operate on a Management or Franchise arrangement.

How does KUE Management Services differ from other consultancy services?

Successful businesses require teamwork, partnerships and collaboration. KUE Management Services has been founded by a team of experienced hoteliers, asset owner & finance experts and supported by young hospitality professionals with hands on experience in the business across leading domestic & international groups. We are therefore uniquely positioned with representation from all aspects of the business to provide our clients with holistic advice on how to Invest Wisely and achieve their ambitions in this lifestyle business.


ROSAKUE is poised to be India’s leading hospitality company, led by industry experts with hands on experience in the business across leading domestic & international groups. The core objective is to facilitate smarter investments to ensure efficient, profitable operations with a customer centric approach. ROSAKUE would offer brand license to Bungalows, Boutique hotels and Service Apartments under three brand extensions (Bara Bungalow, The Astor & ROSA) in the Boutique, Heritage, Lifestyle and Contemporary segment.

I’m interested in associating with ROSAKUE. What are the minimum requirements and how do I go about it?

We would be delighted to connect with you to discuss this further. You can share your contact details in the enquiry form or alternatively write to us at

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